Reglan Lawsuit

Reglan is a drug made by Schwarz Pharma and is generically known as metoclopramide. The drug was first approved for use in the U.S. in 1985 and comes in the form of injections, tablets, and syrup. It is also sold as five other brand names by several other manufacturers. Sanofi Aventis produces two versions of Reglan called Maxeran and Primperan. Lek produces what is known as Degan, while Shire/Valiant makes Maxolon and Bosnalijek makes Pylomid. There have been many lawsuits that have now been filed against the makers of Reglan due to serious side effects caused by the medication.

Consulting with an Attorney

Anyone seeking to file a Reglan lawsuit will have to look for a personal injury attorney. Normally, this drug is prescribed for patients who are experiencing gastrointestinal disorders such as GERD, although recently it has been used by new mothers to treat lactation problems. It is normally taken for a period of no longer than 12 weeks for up to four times per day. While this drug has been known to help many people, there are also cases resulting in serious side effects, even death. It is important for anyone experiencing any side effects from taking Reglan to consult with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Side Effects of Reglan

There is a long list of serious side effects that can be caused by Reglan, many of them being fatal if they are left untreated. In rare instance, Reglan can cause agranulocytosis, which results in low levels of white blood cells and can be fatal if untreated. Aldosteronism is a condition that causes excessive production of hormones and low blood potassium levels and can also cause complications when left untreated. Other side effects of Reglan include depression, which may include suicidal thoughts, hallucinations, jaundice, seizures, severe allergic reactions, tachycardia, and tardive dyskinesia. Reglan can also result in NMS, or neuroleptic malignant syndrome, which causes muscle rigidity, fever, and delirium and can be a life threatening neurological condition.

Additional Symptoms

Just as there is a long list of possible side effects, the symptoms of these side effects are many as well. Anxiety and agitation are symptoms that can reveal a bad reaction to Reglan. Uncontrollable movements in the neck, jaw, tongue, or eyes, convulsions, tremors, and delirium are also symptoms to watch for. People experiencing problems with Reglan may also break out in a fever, experience restlessness, have an increase in heart rate, pass out, or experience jitters.

FDA Black Bow Warning

The FDA issued a "black box" warning for Reglan on February 26, 2009. This is a warning that must appear on the drug indicating that it could cause life-threatening side effects. It will also list all side effects as well as what to do in the event of an emergency and risk factors. A black box warning is usually a precursor to a full recall.

Your Legal Options

Anyone who feels that they have been harmed by Reglan should consult with a professional personal injury lawyer with experience in Reglan and cases involving dangerous prescription medications. Most of these attorneys offer a free consultation and will normally not require any payment until settlement is received. Winning a Reglan lawsuit can result in receiving compensation for funeral and burial costs, pain and suffering, hospital bills, future costs of living, ongoing treatments, permanent disabilities, and lost wages.

Finding a lawyer who has experience in Reglan related cases will give you access to someone who can give advice on how to handle your claim as well as letting you know if you even have a legitimate claim. These attorneys can be an invaluable asset in court and will also have access to medical professionals that can testify on your behalf when expert testimony is needed.